Asian Lady In Red

Asian Lady In Red

Asian lady in red, collecting cans and bottles from a St Mark's Place restaurant. For those who don't know, in New York, there is a 5 cent deposit retailers pay the state who in turn reflect it to their customers. Ideally everyone would claim their deposit back but hardly anyone does, hence the poor rummaging through garbage bins.

"Environmental measures" such as recycling programs or bottle deposits might make us feel good but they're ineffective as evidenced by the plastic garbage patch bigger than Mexico floating in the Pacific. The question ought to be, who is really responsible for plastic litter, companies like Coca-Cola or you? Why, when and how did they externalize costs and shift the responsibility to us? Microplastics in fish? We're killing the world and ourselves while Coca Cola's of the world are harvesting the profits.

Here's some food for thought from Adam Ruins Everything.
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