Rather Talk Than Text

Rather Talk Than Text

As I walked past them, these two guys were in deep discussion of what they were reading. The usual subjects, history, politics and religion. In an age where human to human interactions are becoming rare, replaced with communication through blog comments, text messages and tweets, I began to wonder whether in a matter of few years we are going to look at this photo and say, "ah! that's how people used to communicate". These days, it seems like everyone would "rather text than talk".

Just a decade ago, technology was hailed as revolutionizing the way we communicate. Now, it is beginning to worry social psychologists. MIT professor Sherry Turkle, in a recent TED Talk titled Connected, But Alone? explains how devices and online personas are adversely effecting the way we communicate. Unless we learn to balance interpersonal and electronic communication, this simple photo might indeed become a historic document.

Song of the Day: Road to Nowhere - Talking Heads (1985)
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