When Israfel Blows The Trumpet...

When Israfel Blows The Trumpet...

Israfel is the angel of the trumpet in Islam. He is one of the four Islamic archangels. He keeps his holy trumpet perpetually on his lips awaiting the beckoning of God: "And the trumpet shall be blown, so all those that are in the heavens and all those that are in the earth shall swoon, except him whom Allah willeth; then it shall be blown again, then they shall stand up awaiting". The lofty Israfel is the angel of beauty, music, companionship, harmony, and resurrection.

The poem "Israfel" written by Edgar Allan Poe uses the attributes of angel Israfel to explore ideal beauty in the art of poetry. Many have interpreted this poem to diverge from Poe's signature themes of death, dark thoughts and melancholy due to its mellow tone. Although not explicitly, Poe associates perfect beauty with a "mortal melody". Not dark enough?
  • If I could dwell
  • Where Israfel
  • Hath dwelt, and he where I,
  • He might not sing so wildly well
  • A mortal melody,
  • While a bolder note than this might swell
  • From my lyre within the sky.
  • -- Excerpt From "Israfel" by Edgar Allan Poe
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