Artisans of New York; Tamerlane

Artisans of New York; Tamerlane

One day, Hoca Nasreddin was bathing with Emperor Tamerlane at a Turkish bath. Tamerlane asked the Hoca how much he would bid if the Emperor was put up for sale. "Forty Akce" answered the Hoca. Disappointed, Tamerlane pointed out that was the value of his silk bathing suit. Hoca went on: "That is what I bid. Otherwise a dirty Mongolian is not worth a Penny."

Tamerlane (a.k.a Timur) was the last of the nomadic conquerors. Like most emperors, his legacy is a mixed one; Central parts of the empire thrived while the outer reaches were sacked and destroyed with populations exploited and some massacred. Indigenous people have always had a love-hate relationship with empires throughout history - The United States is no exception. Some point to the accomplishments of the Empire, others to massacres and the suffering...

Oh yes, this post was supposed to be about the Artisans of New York. Sorry about that. All I can say is, there is no art without insight.
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