Mr. Bamboo Hat

Mr. Bamboo Hat

Photographed somewhere on Third Ave. at St. Mark's Place in NYC.

The other day, I was walking past another bar on 4th Avenue just as a couple of knuckleheads and their girlfriends were denied entry to the bar. One of them - obviously just out of college and employed on Wall-Street - turned to the bouncer who was twice his size and said: "I make more money than you ever will, got that, more money than you ever will". The bouncer just waved him off. I guess some knuckleheads never grow up.

Psychopaths lack empathy, lie, fabricate, conceal, manipulate, steal, embezzle and commit fraud. They will do anything to get ahead. And it's no wonder that Wall Street likes to hire psychopaths. "Unfortunately the best candidates for many Wall Street jobs exhibit the traits of a financial psychopath".
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  • Fri  2015-07-03


  • 2015-06-27
  • New York, NY





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