"One Does Not Ride Two Canoes"

One Does Not Ride Two Canoes

A tired old shoeshiner napping in front of the Saint Polycarp Church in Izmir.

There is an ancient Native American saying: "One does not ride two canoes. Because in time to come, a mighty wind will come, and separate the two canoes ... we have to be in one canoe or the other".

We no longer lead simple, natural and honest lives. We can't. We are not allowed to. We have all become dependent on the 'system'. The only choice we are offered is to either serve the system or to perish into insignificance and poverty. An honest and natural life is disallowed. Most people believe that there is nothing wrong with serving the system - many even see it as virtuous. Until they realize that they have lost their humanity - i.e., if they ever do realize. "One does not ride two canoes", and that "mighty wind" has come.
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