Justice Has an Ugly Beard?

Justice Has an Ugly Beard?

Architectural ornamentations on the Philadelphia City Hall building.

It takes years, decades, of schooling, programming and repetition to suppress human nature. It takes years and years of education to destroy creativity and diminish natural human curiosity. Education has become a tool to train technically skilled and obedient workers, and a tool of mass conformity. Human nature, creativity and curiosity hinder submission to authority.

Take for example, human notion of justice. We are all born with it. The innate nature of justice is even documented in monkeys. Only after years of education do we "learn" to accept the world to be inherently unjust and to depreciate the meaning of justice to retaliation or revenge. When we scream "there is no justice" we almost always mean, "there is no punishment". Conditioning and schooling makes us forget that the world is as we build it to be, that we have agency, and justice is more than just retaliation. When sincere, human nature is a better gauge of justice than Law could ever be. But you've probably been taught that backwards...
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