Considered a virtue in many traditions, perseverance is especially significant in Eastern, Buddhist and Chinese cultures. In the West, we are becoming increasingly impatient, always looking for ten easy lessons, instant gratifications and immediate results. Where our urgency is not satisfied, we are finding ourselves giving up too quickly.

Personally, I do not find perseverance to be a virtue in itself, just as I don't find selflessness to be one. These only become virtuous when they are prudent. On the other hand, impatience (without discrimination) will almost always lead to suffering and weakness.

I see this lady with her makeshift vending stands every weekend that I visit Chinatown - rain or shine. She does not speak English. Asian Americans have the highest educational attainment level and median household income of any racial demographic in the United States. Although 12% of Asian Americans, especially new immigrants, live in poverty, usually within a generation or two they join the ranks of high income American households.

Song of the Day: Patience - Guns N' Roses (1989)
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