My Little Black Dress (And The Alpha Male Wannabe)

My Little Black Dress (And The Alpha Male Wannabe)

I tried to do some online research on rape statistics. There are hundreds of sites with unsourced "lists" that seem to have no basis in reality. Some base their data on various surveys, others on partial statistics and almost all have some hidden agenda. The United States seems to take one of the top spots in all studies and surveys. But of interest to me was Sweden, which takes the top slot of the 2012 United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime report as the country with the most "police-recorded sexual offenses".

Since the data only represents "reported" cases, and more than half of the countries of the world don't report at all, spotlighting Sweden is unfair. But it is undeniable that violent crimes and rapes have spiked in Sweden in recent years. The "explanations" are often political, and not based on data at all. Among the so-called "causal explanations" are multiculturalism, Muslim immigrants, higher crime reporting, revised laws, etc.

Statistics aside, violence against women is a global pandemic. A great great majority of cases of violence against women go unreported, even in Western countries. Add to that, forms of "silent violence"; Women get paid 33 cents less on the dollar than men here in the United States. What could "explain" this global pandemic of violence against women?

The world is heading towards a global monoculture. Television and The Internet are transforming diverse cultures into one in which the role of women is reduced to secondary status and often to outright sexual objectification. On TV series and in Hollywood movies, women are valued by their "fuckability". Take for example, the portrayal of James Bond; The quintessential playboy, the alpha male. Men buy into this fictional alpha male persona and once they do, everything becomes a matter of what they think they can get away with. It's a man's world in this fiction-driven culture. And women are not without fault. Sadly, many women desire that fictional alpha male. This "cultural programming" on how the other sex is viewed has its toll, on both women and men. Wannabe alpha males are dangerous: In the U.S., "one in four college women report surviving rape or attempted rape at some point in their lifetime".
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