Everything is Light! Literally.

Everything is Light! Literally.

Although the light in this photograph looks surreal (or over-processed), it is not; the orange-blue sky is natural. It was taken approximately 30 minutes after sunset on the same evening as the L'Heure Bleue photo at Liberty State Park. The building in the foreground is the Liberty House Restaurant and Catering Hall and I would have preferred it to be something more substantial, maybe Lady Liberty?

Everything is Light! Literally. The world's most famous equation, E=mc2 implies exactly that. Derived in 1905 by Albert Einstein, the equation shows that matter and energy (light) are really different forms of the same thing and they can be converted to each other.

Photographs are nothing but recordings of light, emitted from or reflected by objects for a short duration of time. Photography is the art and science of capturing light. Sometimes, as it was in this photograph, light can be very special.
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