May Day Reflection

May Day Reflection

This photograph was taken during an afternoon walk in DUMBO. She sat there with her dog, in deep reflection, savoring a beautiful May Day. As I took a few quick frames, I felt uncomfortable. I was in a public park, free to take this photograph, yet I felt like I was intruding into her privacy. A photographer, after all, is supposed to be the "one who sees", a voyeur, and capture what he or she sees. What was I seeing? Solitude? Was she as sad as she looked?

Once in a while I skim through my photos to select some to post here. This photo was selected months ago, but for some reason I could not get my self to post it. It wasn't like I had not posted photographs of solitude before, but this particular one continued made me feel uneasy. Maybe you could tell me why?

Song of the Day: Stormy May Day - AC/DC (2008)
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