The NSA is Watching "You"

The NSA is Watching You

The National Security Agency (NSA) is watching you, world leaders, even countries we regard as friends, politicians, and corporations - pretty much everything that they are able to. They sort through and store pretty much all our electronic communications, phone calls, Internet activity, and online habits, building profiles on each one of us. As always, they repeatedly lie, and defend NSA activities by pointing to terrorist threats. Yet, there is not one solid example of a terrorist plot that they have thwarted, because that was also a lie.

Of course the real target was never specifically terrorism - at least as we understand it to be. The target is we, the common people. The military-industrial-congressional complex is well aware of the impending economical and ecological disasters, and they understand that there is going to be a backlash. That is why unconstitutional laws like the NDAA are being instituted, and that is why the police are being militarized. We are the target! We were always the target!

Learn more about the NSA revelations on the The Guardian: "The NSA Files" pages. Al Jazeera America also has an in-depth timeline of all NSA revelations to date.
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