Occupy May Day 2013: [Custodians of] Truth?

Occupy May Day 2013: [Custodians of] Truth?

Truth has become a rarity. Throughout history, "a narrative of truth" has been imposed by rulers to their subjects. But truth is not a narrative; It does not have versions. The Internet did not change that - it only changed how information is served; Information that once was scarce, is now overabundant. One would need full-time effort to separate crap from reality. Reaching a comprehension of truth is nearly impossible due too too much information, misinformation and disinformation.

In every age, there have been people who have served as the custodians of truth. Sometimes, they have been mystics of various religious traditions. Sometimes they are poets, authors or artists. Some of these custodians, such as the leaders of 20th Century civil rights movements, have found themselves in the spotlight, while others have stewarded the truth in more esoteric ways. The most recent custodians of truth have been the various Occupy movements around the globe. They got it right. It wasn't one political view vs another, or one race vs another, or one religion vs another, but the 99% versus the 1%; The same old "class struggle" that Abraham Lincoln so eloquent wrote about. While the mainstream media so skilfully avoided the "truths" of income inequality, economical injustice, global warming, or any other issue that really matters to us, the Occupy Movements brought these issues to the forefront.

They say that half way to solving a problem is defining it accurately. Occupy, for the most part, did that. Now we need to find solutions. Before it's too late.

Song of the Day: Over To You - Black Sabbath (1978)
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