Cappadocia: Town of Goreme / Cappadocian Fathers

Cappadocia: Town of Goreme - Cappadocian Fathers

Goreme is a town located among fairy chimney rock formations in Cappadocia. The pictured souvenir shop is located in the center of the town.

Basil the Great (330-379), Gregory of Nyssa (c.332-395) and Gregory of Nazianzus (329-389), the Cappadocian Fathers, are highly respected saints who advanced the development of early Christian theology. Basil the Great was "the man of action", Gregory of Nazianzus "the orator [communicator]" and Gregory of Nyssa "the thinker". The Cappadocian Fathers also held a higher view of women than many of their contemporaries. Think - Communicate - Act!

The Cappadocian Fathers emphasized apophatic theology (via negativa), which holds that "God is beyond the limits of what humans can understand, and that one should not seek God by means of intellectual understanding, but through a direct experience of the love or the energies of God". They reasoned that: "using human words to describe God would 'limit God', because human language is by definition made by humans and thus limited to what humans experience ... we may better understand God by what God is 'not'".

The Tao which can be expressed in words is not the eternal Tao.
No name can fully express Its essence.
-- Tao Te Ching

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