Cappadocia: Goreme "Fairy Chimneys"

Cappadocia: Goreme Fairy Chimneys

Cappadocia is a historic plateau located in Central Anatolia. The name Cappadocia has been used to describe the region continuously since at least 6th century B.C. The pictured pinnacles, called fairy chimneys, are typical of the region and are formed when consolidated volcanic ash erodes under a caps of harder rocks. Cappadocia has been inhabited since at least the Bronze Age.

This photograph was taken just outside the town of Goreme. The pictured fairy chimneys have just about lost their caps, so they have taken on a more conical form. They are about 40-50 feet in height. The doors seen in the photo are indeed cave-dwellings which were chiseled by historic occupants of the region.

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