Halloween Pumpkins: Ponk $6.00

Halloween Pumpkins: Ponk $6.00

How did the eve of Solemnity of All Saints Day become associated with trick-or-treating, costume parties, Jack-O'-Lanterns, bonfires, horror, death, evil, the occult, and mythical monsters? Some scholars believe that Halloween is influenced by Western European harvest festivals while others maintain that it has Christian roots. Irrespective of its origins, Halloween has become yet another hallmark holiday in the 20th century, second only to Christmas in spending. Did you know that Jack-O'-Lanterns were originally Jack-of-the-turnips? The Irish originally carved Turnips and put coals or small candles inside, but when they immigrated to the United States, they discovered that pumpkins were much easier to carve out.

Someone suggested that I must be suffering from samhainophobia.

Song of the Day: This Is Halloween - Halloween Town (Danny Elfman) (1993)
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