Did Your Hear The News?

Did Your Hear The News?

The news is supposed to be a report of "recent" and relevant events. There's hardly any "news" on the news anymore. What is fed to us as news is part biased opinion and part nonsensical speculation - and mostly irrelevant. What Donald Trump said or whether he might win the presidency - 18 months before the election - is not news. 24 hour coverage of what happened to, and what might happen to, Lamar Odom is irrelevant when you consider that we still don't know the content of the TPP - the biggest global trade deal to date, that would impact the lives of 792 million people and cover 40% of world's economic activity.

Anyone working for major news outlets, from CNN to Fox News, from the New York Times to the Washington Post should no longer call themselves journalists. Where their reporting is not outright lies, it is biased opinion or distracting speculation. Yes, there are bits and pieces of truth thrown in, but almost everything is out of context. When it comes to things that really matter, bias by omission is the name of the game in the "news business".
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