Mailbox "Taken"

Mailbox Taken

This year's Rally New York tarmac stages ran through many local streets. The organization of the event and safety precautions taken were truly impressive. Despite that, there were a number of mishaps like the one pictured here. The zero car, during an approached to a set of chicanes locked brakes and "took" a mailbox.

I asked one of the organizers about how many mailboxes were "taken". His answer was: "I was up and down the course multiple times putting up - taking down - (and repeat) the tape and saw scant damage. There was one mailbox knocked down just as the course rose from the (Neversink) river. I told the nice man there that he should contact rally HQ to to reimbursed - but he said that he found out it was a (fellow) Irishman who knocked it down so all was forgiven.He also wanted the tape we pulled from his driveway as a souvenir. He said he wanted to make a tie (no, really)".

Brakes locked:
Mailbox gone:

Song of the Day: Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra (1967)
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