It's All In The Shadows

It's All In The Shadows

Since I've been posting many photographs taken in and around DUMBO, I've added the "DUMBO" tag so that those can be filtered. Did you know that you can click the "Tags" listed on the right side of the page to filter photographs sharing the tag you clicked.

DUMBO draws many photographers for photoshoots. Almost every day, you can see wedding and portrait photographers posing their subjects in front of historic bridges, buildings, and alleys in an attempt to capture them in a unique setting. The day this photo was taken was one of those days where I had an empty memory card after a 45 minute walk. Then I saw this photographer move her subjects into the sunlight and knew that I had my shot when I noticed the shadow. I moved to get a better composition. This capture is my safety shot, before I made it to exactly where I wanted to be...

Shadows often emphasize the emotions in a photograph. If this photo was taken under flat light with no shadows, the photographer blocking the couple would be a distraction and this photograph would most probably be unusable. Here in this picture, the embrace in the shadow is more powerful than the actual couple. What do you think?

Song of the Day: Moonlight Shadow - Mike Oldfield & Maggie Reilly (1983)
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