Power Of Positivity?

Power Of Positivity?

Lately, more and more people tell me to 'Leave it the fuck alone'! Somehow, everyone thinks I'm too negative. Here is the thing, despite books like "The Secret", magical thinking does not work - it never has, it never will. The same people who think I'm too negative are not faring too well. The "power of positivity" is an illusion.

In my writings, I talk about a "global monoculture". Thanks to TV and the Internet, the cultures of the world are merging. This is evident in the places I visit and the people I talk to. But this emerging "monoculture" has disturbing common denominators. Conformity, complacency, worship of celebrity and sports, vanity, narcissism, ignorance, arrogance, wastefulness, legal and illegal drug abuse, lack of empathy, irresponsibility, hedonism and materialism. This moral decline is evident everywhere and is central to the "global monoculture". Work life, business life and even daily interactions are shallow, and many people live in paranoia.

For those of us who are a little older, and who have experiences outside of the current culture, the moral decline is self-evident. It's a little more difficult to convince those who are caught up in the current culture. And when you do attempt, their first defense is "You're too negative"!
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