Texting Girl

Texting Girl

A few weeks ago, I sat down at a coffee shop with a friend of mine. He forwarded a photo he had taken moments earlier on his phone to his Facebook page. Within minutes text messages came flooding in. I was a little annoyed because we couldn't hold an uninterrupted conversation as we enjoyed our coffee. Sensing my discontent, he tried to explain to me why texting was the most amazing tool and how it may be helpful in emergencies. "Inductive reasoning", I told him...

Since texting is such a new phenomenon, psychologists and social scientists have not had ample time to study any of it's adverse effects. Naturally, the consequences of texting behavior such as texting while driving are obvious. But the subtle and long term effects of texting on language, cognition, development, focus, academic progress, work productivity etc. need to be extensively studied. I would not be surprised at all, if it is found that when texting becomes a habit, it dumbs us down, creates an ignorance bubble, slashes our productivity and causes physical and mental health issues. Habitual texters who I personally know, for the most part, exhibit all of the above "side effects". Plus, I really do not like my coffee conversation being interrupted!

Song of the Day: Starfish & Coffee - Prince (1997)
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