Storefront Violinist

Storefront Violinist

Ansel Adams once said: "Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop". Last week, a friend of mine remarked that the last few weeks of street photos I posted were not that interesting. I jokingly replied that life on the street in the United States is boring; it's not as colorful as Bangladesh or as historic or diverse as Israel.

Most people tend to think that photography is easy - after all, if you have a capable camera and you frame the picture well, a decent image is only one click away. But, as I'm finding out, so many other things play into taking even a simple photograph. In the studio, where you have control over the model, the lighting and the time, things are somewhat easier. Outside, in nature, or on the street, you are at the mercy of the moment - there is hardly any time to make the photo. That is what attracts me to photography, the Zen of the moment. And I am constantly reminded that I am not a Zen master.

Song of the Day: Viva La Vida - Coldplay (2008)
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