Empire Stores / The Eternal Flame

Empire Stores - The Eternal Flame

The Empire Stores, is an old coffee warehouse building located in the boundaries of The Brooklyn Bridge Park adjacent to the Tobacco Warehouse. It was built in 1869. Plans to redevelop the warehouse in the last decades have not materialized. With its distinctive arches, iron shutters and red brick walls, this historic building was recently declared unsafe and its fate remains unknown.

The concept of The Eternal Flame has long existed in many traditions, cultures and religions. The Eternal Flame is a symbol of knowledge, enlightenment and continuity. The concept appeals to our inner sense of preservation; we have an urge to preserve our connections to the past...

In our realm of existence, nothing has proven itself to be "Eternal". Even stars have a life cycle: They are born, they mature and they die. Our transient lives are defined by which flames we choose to extinguish and which ones we keep as eternal. All with the hope that we get it right.
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