Zombie Easter Bunny / Iconoclasts!

Zombie Easter Bunny - Iconoclasts!

Another shot from the 2012 Philly Zombie Crawl.

Traditionally, iconoclasm, physically destroying religious icons, symbols or monuments, was a deliberate act motivated by religion or politics. For example, during the Protestant Reformation, Catholic imagery in churches, including paintings, sculptures and other representations were destroyed by Protestants. Or, more recently, some of us might remember the destruction of Saddam's Statue during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq.

Modern iconoclasm is less a physical act, and more of an intellectual one; it has become a form criticism, an expression of Nonconformity and individualism. Whether it is in the lyrics of an outspoken rock musician, or in the portrayal of Jesus as a Zombie, or the depiction of Prophet Mohammed in a Danish Cartoon, iconoclasm invariably draws counter-reaction. But what is easily forgotten is that Moses, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed were the intellectual iconoclasts of their respective eras. They each challenged the established dogma and conventions of their cultures. If you believe any of these men to be divine, then you would have to believe that God herself is also an iconoclast.

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Song of the Day: Dear God - XTC (1986)
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