Don Quixote at Smyrna

Don Quixote at Smyrna

The Man of La Mancha reads a lot of books about chivalry and takes to heart the fictionalized and exaggerated accounts of knights in these books. In a fit of madness, he adopts the name "Don Quixote" for himself, renames his skinny old horse Rocinante, recruits his illiterate yet pragmatic neighbor Sancho Panza as his squire, and sets out in search of adventures... A must read story!

We all are quixotic to varying degrees; We regularly pursue unattainable ideals and often end up in absurd situations. Once in a while we even find ourselves tilting at windmills, but more often than not, we never become aware of our own metadrama. Living is a serious matter, but we can not take ourselves too seriously. I say, let's sanchify the Don Quixote's, quixotize the Sancho's, and fuck the windmills!
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