Occupy Philadelphia: Life Over Profit

Occupy Philadelphia: Life Over Profit

It's insulting. We were once persons, now we became consumers. Once upon a time there were Personnel Departments, now we have Human Resources Departments; we got downgraded to a resource. Commodification and profit not only shape our language, but they also dominate every aspect of modern life, from how we view the world as individuals, to social institutions. Politics, media, foreign policy, and even healthcare and science are driven by profits these days.

It is insanity to reduce life to profit. Without giving it any serious thought, most of us believe that our lives would be much better if we earned more. Will it? Social Darwinism has driven us into collective delusion. Our obsession with profit has blinded us; We have lost one of our most cherished human qualities, foresight. Take for example global warming, which is threatening our very existence. Global warming is melting the Arctic ice, and rather than see it as a problem to tackle, multinational corporations, backed by corporate states, are moving in to take advantage of the situation. Corporations and governments understand the threat climate change poses, yet, like a gambler who just can't stop, they are addicted to profits. When we cross the point of no return, hopefully other species will profit from our extinction.
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