Norman's New Viking Helmet

Norman's New Viking Helmet

Pictured is South Street Norman with his new Viking helmet. The word is that, once in a while, Norman will get arrested and sent to rehab and then he'll reappear around 4th and South. I hadn't seen him for a while...

Horned Viking Helmets would have been bulky and dangerous in battle. Beside a few ceremonial depictions, no preserved horned helmets have ever been found. But, I have to say, they do look cool.

The Viking Age was a period of North European history that spanned between late 8th to 11th centuries. During this period, Vikings explored Europe through trade and warfare. Around 986 A.D., 500 years before Christopher Columbus, the Vikings reached North America and settled in what they called Vinland, the modern day island of Newfoundland. The settlement lasted only a few years due to conflict with the indigenous peoples and lack of support from their homeland. The area of the only know Viking settlement in North America is now a UN World Heritage Site.

Song of the Day: Unravel - Bjork (1997)
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