Why 22? No real answer. Catch-22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules. It is the creation of arbitrary rules in order to justify and conceal abuse of power. And get used to it, Kafkaesque Catch-22's are already becoming the norm.

A relative of mine just received a NYC Sanitation Department ticket for not keeping her sidewalk clean. Now get this, the pieces of paper that were flying around in her front yard came from the next door neighbor's garbage which the sanitation workers spilled while picking up the garbage. She got the ticket almost two weeks later, after hey yard was cleaned. For most folks, the time and effort involved in fighting such a bullshit ticket is just not worth it, and the city knows this. Take a day off work to fight a ticket - a catch 22! Recently, NYC sanitation workers were caught on camera giving phony tickets, but not everyone can afford to install cameras in their house.

Watch this segment, Illegal Everything by John Stossel to get a sense of some catch-22 situations we can find ourselves in. Life is fast becoming a catch-22.
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