Rent Is Too Damn High!

Rent Is Too Damn High!

Damn right! The average one bedroom apartment rents for $3039 a month and two bedroom for $3805. People are being pushed out of neighborhoods throughout New York City. But it's not only NYC; It's a nationwide problem. Very few people can afford to buy houses and home-ownership rate is the lowest since 1989.

Wall street has stopped lending and has effectively created a high-rent market. And now they are taking advantage of it by using investment firms to buy up foreclosed homes by the thousands and bundling rental homes into new securities. One in four households spend more than half their income on housing costs. Soon, anyone who couldn't purchase their own home is going to work for rent and food.

I am not an anti-capitalist. At least in the purist sense of what capitalism is supposed to be about; Hard work and innovation should be rewarded. But the capitalism of today is not capitalism at all. It is "corporate tyranny". We are living in an age where multinational mega-corporations are rigging laws and agreements in their own favor, interfering with and establishing control over once sovereign governments and citizens. The current trend can not last. How it will come to an end is another question altogether.
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