"Dog's Got Personality"

Dog's Got Personality

It is astonishingly difficult to define what personality is. Every person and animal has his or her own unique personality yet some have more personality than others. The standard definition of personality is the sum total of the physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristics of an individual.

Another widely supported definition of personality is "an individual's predisposition to think certain patterns of thought, and therefore engage in certain patterns of behavior". If behavior is shaped by thoughts, then does that imply that animals can think? Not all that long ago, we assumed that animals were nothing but automatons - self operating complex machines. These days, scientific research on animal personalities is attracting interest.

"Dog's Got Personality" is a line from the movie Pulp Fiction. The dog in the photograph definitely got personality. He was well aware of my presence, yet, he totally avoided me while enjoying the breeze and waiting for his master.

Today's SOTD is my favorite performance of "Mother". Katie Kissoon brings the voice of mother to life. Pink Floyd should have done that in the original!

Song of the Day: Mother - Roger Waters (2001)
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