Travertines; Content

Travertines; Content

Pamukkale travertines.

As an earlier adapter of the Internet, twenty or so years ago, I was wondering how good content was going to distinguished from bad content on the Internet. The often repeated assumption then was, somehow, the wisdom of the crowds was going to make good content come to the forefront. The opposite happened. The Internet is full of bullshit, fraud, kitsch, sensationalism and deceptive content. Did I mention pornography. Internet search engine filter bubbles ensure that, once you enter it, you stay in your bubble, oblivious to the existence of serious content and information.

On television and on the Internet, profit-driven content is prioritized. Self-declared "gurus" sell self-help tips. Charlatans sell magical diets and health remedies. Celebrities sell shoes, cars, handbags or whatever they can. The "famous for nothing" sell "lifestyles". Fools "competing" on talent shows sell commercials, etc. It is they who define content and get the most "hits" - and of course viral cat videos. Those who produce meaningful and truthful content can rarely earn a middle-class living. Those with integrity - authors, musicians, photographers and journalist who are not seduced by money - who produce "real content" are sidestepped.
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