Fethiye Spice Stall

Fethiye Spice Stall

The beginnings of the spice trade date back to 3000 B.C. Early routes connected India, Eastern Africa, The Middle East and Greece-Italy. Together with the Silk Road, these trade routes not only facilitated the exchange of goods, but technology, religions, ideas, customs and diseases were transferred between China, Indonesia and India in the East, and Africa, Middle East and Europe in the West. The spice trade generally followed a sea route, stretching from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean and running through the Red Sea.

"Free trade brings peace" is a popular assertion these days. Compared with the first half of 20th century, relatively speaking, the second half was more peaceful. In the second half, we observed the establishment of The European Union, the fall and the reintegration of the Eastern Block and economic globalization. Although there are some studies out there supporting the idea that free trade reduces international conflict, I'm not so convinced. I guess we'll have to wait to see until resource depletion reaches critical levels. War will always be an option, so long as there is rivalry over domination of resources or unfairness.
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