Occupy Philadelphia: Peace / 365 Days

Occupy Philadelphia: Peace - 365 Days

On December 31, 2010, exactly one year ago, I uploaded the first of the daily posts on this site. Although some categorize this site as a blog, I see it more as a personal scrapbook. Since I started to keep track of the number of distinct visitors to each post about 6 months ago, there have been over 10,000 page views. Given that I write about the obvious, that's not too bad.

The pictures that most defined the year 2011 for me were the ones of the Occupy movement. Even Time Magazine recognized The Protestor as the Person of the Year. The Occupy Movement reminded us that most of us would rather live in a more peaceful, free, just, and interconnected world, and that the world we desire is actually attainable. We will see what the year 2012 will bring, but the time has come for humanity to leave behind some of the old ideas that maintain the status quo and introduce a new outlook for our future. Peace!

More Occupy photos.

Song of the Day: Time Flies - Vaya Con Dios (1992)
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