Mural Mile #11: "Mural at Dirty Franks" (Detail)

Mural Mile #11: Mural at Dirty Franks (Detail)

Artists: David McShane, 2001
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Please read the two posts introducing the Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program and The Mural Mile before you follow the photo tour. You can also begin the tour with the First Mural.

This mural decorates the exterior windows of the Dirty Frank's Bar. There is no name sign for the bar, instead the mural depicts some famous "Franks":

Benjamin Franklin, Frankie Avalon, Frank Furness (floral design), Aretha Franklin, a frankfurter, Barney Frank, Frankenstein, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Frank Zappa, Frank Sinatra, Frank Morgan, St. Francis of Assisi, Frank Oz, Frank Perdue, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Burns (from from M*A*S*H*) and Frank "Tug" McGraw.

Dirty Franks Mural

Song of the Day: Cosmik Debris - Frank Zappa (1973)
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