This Is Survival Of The Fittest... And a Bit Of The Insane

This Is Survival Of The Fittest... And a Bit Of  The Insane

This ad was posted on a Brooklyn phone booth. What nonsense! Wikipedia defines propaganda as "a form of communication aimed towards influencing the attitude of the community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument". It is worst than that, propaganda almost invariably uses outright false or only half-true statements. But this deception is effective - we buy it.

The phrase, survival of the fittest is among the most effective propaganda pieces ever devised. It was initially and inaccurately misused to describe an evolutionary process. There is no survival of the fittest - nature does not work that way. Yet, it continues to indoctrinate whole generations to justify everything from simple greed, to Social Darwinism, Laissez-Faire Economics, war and racism. It is everywhere we look, in conversations, in articles, and most sadly in our heads.

How you view the world, defines how you treat the world! If you view life from a survival of the fittest perspective, then every human being becomes a "competitor" in the quest of life. New research and discoveries in Evolutionary Biology and Neuroscience is challenging the survival of the fittest ideology, and instead recognizing the role of empathy in human nature.
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