LGBT Fashion

LGBT Fashion

Most Americans overestimate the percentage of LGBT people in the U.S. On the average, American's estimate that one quarter of Americans are gay, while the actual estimate is around 3.8%. Also, support for Gay Marriage in the last decade and a half among Americans has increased drastically; Around 2002, it was about 32%, now in 2017 it is 62%.

Irrespective of what your views on the LGBT movement and LGBT rights are, there is a reason that the LGBT population is overestimated and support for Gay Marriage went up 30% in just 15 years. LGBT activist groups such as GLAAD who "rewrite the script for LGBTQ acceptance" and using their own words again, "shape the narrative and provoke dialogue that leads to cultural change" are busy at work, and LGBT people and LGBT issues are disproportionately represented especially on television shows.

For the longest time, I have held that we must "keep the government out of the bedroom" [and numerous other places they stick their unwelcome noses in]. But my simple principle does not suffice for LGBT people who naturally want to have the "same rights" and "protections" as everyone else. On the other hand, I am not so sure that over-representation does not have a "recruitment" effect. Most LGBT people would argue that sexual orientation is determined at (or before) birth, therefore "recruitment" is not possible. Those who argue homosexuality is caused by individual experiences and the environment would argue "recruitment" is possible. There seems to be no decisive scientific answer (yet). Irrespective, LGBT people - all people - should not be discriminated against. Personally I believe that most people are simply sexual.

One final word. The moment you take on any identity, whether that be "Christian" or "Gay" or pretty much every other identity, you become a target of opportunists or, for the lack of a better word, Capitalism. The more they can reinforce your identity, the more you'll spend...
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