Fall Foliage / Audience

Fall Foliage - Audience

Once again, I broke an informal rule of photography by shooting a subject from its rear. Can you blame me? Just look at the fall foliage.

ThirstyFish.com has a very small audience. Some enjoy the wildlife photos while others like the rally photos - only a few like them both. Many seem to like the street shots. Some hate the text and find it to be too philosophical, while most find it entertaining or educational.

I seem to get a little more feedback on the articles than the photos. Feedback can be interesting but it is not essential, although some feedback has inspired me to note down a few concepts. The size of the audience also does not matter, even if the site has an audience of one. I still don't exactly understand why I do what I do.

b.t.w., The most remarked post in the recent weeks has been "Vote For Pedro!"

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