Harry's Occult Shop

Harry's Occult Shop

Although I have no interest in occult and spiritual supplies, I do appreciate that South Street is one of the few remaining stretches that is still full of mom-and-pop stores. Unfortunately most surviving stores are those whose products are not carried by Walmart or other superstores. That is of course until Walmart decides that they also want to get into the business of selling cheap imitations of occult and spiritual supplies.

Harry's Occult Shop has a long history. The shop has been around since 1917. It sells specially formulates sachets, powders, baths, incense and blends of occult oils that enhance contentment, happiness, prosperity etc. They also hold stress management, reiki, tarot and psychic energy workshops.

Everyone has different beliefs about what qualifies their lives, their health and their spirituality. We all seek special formulas, compact sacred teachings, ten easy lessons. We seek the meaning of our lives. Yet there are no shortcuts, secret formulas or compact set of principles that deal with the mass confusion and chaos of life. The beauty of life is in its chaotic nature. Embrace it.
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