Brooklyn Bridge / Same Place, Same Angle

Brooklyn Bridge - Same Place, Same Angle

A Google image search for "Brooklyn Bridge" currently returns about 3,640,000 results. From the time its construction began in 1870, photographers and illustrators have been documenting this amazing structure for over 140 years. Opened in 1883, it is the first steel-wire suspension bridge in the world. Check the "15 Most Famous Bridges in the World" article for photos of some other famous bridges.

The evening I took this photograph, there were hundreds of other people shooting this same view of Brooklyn Bridge using cell phones, digital cameras and even medium format cameras. Most of us find the same things to be interesting and photograph the same places from the same angles. So how do we differentiate?

One way to individuate images is through camera settings. Although I used Nikon Capture NX2 to post-process the photo, it could have easily been done using in-camera settings: Manual White Balance set to about 4400 Kelvin to give it its purple-green color and slight increase in saturation and sharpening. The photo was also slightly underexposed to emphasize the feeling of late night.
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