Big Catch / I Ate Your Goldfish Because...

Big Catch - I Ate Your Goldfish Because...

The size of fish a Great Heron can swallow is amazing. Although herons generally feed on fish, they are also known to feed on shrimp, crabs, rodents, amphibians, reptiles, small birds and other small mammals. Herons use their long sharp bill as a spear and attack at piercing speeds. Do not try to handle a heron!

Great Herons and Great Egrets have become somewhat of a nuisance to people keeping goldfish in backyard ponds. If you ask the heron why he ate your goldfish, his answer would be "I ate your goldfish because... I was hungry".
  • A fellow told me he was going to hang-glider school. He said, "I've been going for three months." I said, "How many successful jumps do you need to make before you graduate?" He said, "All of them."
  • -- Comedian Red Skelton
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