A Culture Obsessed with "Optimism"

A Culture Obsessed with Optimism

When you speak truth to Power you are marginalized. That's expected; The Truth is the enemy of Power. But how about those who would benefit most from the truth, why do they ignore the truth as "negativity" and truth-tellers as "pessimists"? Why is it that almost everyone is so obsessed with "positivity" and "optimism". Such bullshit!

The truth, more often than not, is hard to stomach. But that alone does not explain why so many disconnect themselves from reality at their own expense. A better explanation would be that we are bombarded with a stream of messages advertising hope, the power of positive thinking and the destructiveness of negativity. These "messages" keep us in a perpetual state of infantilism, making us incapable of distinguishing between what is real and what is an illusion. The truth may be negative, or it may be positive, but the deviation from the truth is almost certainly perilous. No amount of "positivity" or "negativity" can change reality - reality always takes it's own course.

I have lost many friends who started off as truth-seekers, to "positivity" and "optimism". There is joy in "Living in Truth", but it is definitely not an easy thing to do. Whereas, the joy of "living a lie" is ephemeral. Despite what they say about themselves, most people are neither optimists, nor pessimists, nor are they realists; Most are just escapists.

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