Wooden Shoe: An Anarchist Bookstore

Wooden Shoe: An Anarchist Bookstore

Wooden Shoe Books is a bookstore located on South Street Philadelphia, specializing in anarchist and radical literature. You might remember its old location.

Anarchist and radical are highly misunderstood identifications, often used in ad hominem attacks to discredit people who argue against the dominant political or cultural narrative. Chances are, even Jesus would be called an anarchist or radical by today's standards. The Truth is radical in any culture that promotes the idea that "perception is reality".

Needless to say, anarchism is not a single concept, and it definitely is not the same as radicalism. And if you are asking, I do not self-identify as an anarchist or a radical or as anything else for that matter. It could be said that the earlies anarchist themes can be found in the works of Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu, life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and many other religious traditions...

Wooden Shoe Bookstore
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