Ukrainians At Marmaris

Ukrainians At Marmaris

It takes a lot of national pride to carry a flag around during a beach vacation. Ukrainians have been through a lot. They have been caught between the West and Russia in a prolonged crisis which began in 2013. Add to that rampant corruption, undue influence by greedy "oligarchs" and too many points of view, Ukrainians are having a hard time keeping their sense of unity.

As always, the major culprits are foreign powers East and West and the so-called international community. The "aid" of international bankers to help develop smaller countries like Ukraine comes with strings attached, that is, they effectively have to give up their national sovereignty. Ukraine is a resource rich country. All eyes are on its agricultural potential and especially it's highly fertile "black soil". Given food will be most valuable "resource" in the very near future, especially due to an impending climate disaster and increasingly polluted and lost soils elsewhere, Ukraine is among the most geo-strategically critical countries in the world today. Everyone wants a piece of it and this isn't good news for the Ukrainian People. Yet another case of the paradox of plenty.
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