It's Hard to Photograph a Photographer

It's Hard to Photograph a Photographer

It's hard to photograph a photographer! Some people are more aware of their immediate environment than others. The proof is in street photography. It is more difficult to photograph visual artists, undercover officers, prostitutes, and other photographers candidly. They usually spot you before you spot them. If they detect that you are out of place, they unconsciously keep you under surveillance.

Personally, I like street shots that are candid, where the photographer or the camera has no influence on the scene. Sometimes, as in this photograph, the interaction between the photographer and the subject can yield interesting photographs, but most of the time, better photos are those in which "the story" does not involve the photographer.

Einstein called Quantum Entanglement, a spooky action at a distance. A photographer is a spooky actor at a distance. When a person does not suspect spooky action at a distance, he or she is entangled in whatever he or she is doing. When they do detect a spooky actor at a distance, they get spooked and their behavior changes - the entanglement collapses.

This photograph was taken in front of the Strand Book Store. The Strand is a survivor. Opened in 1927, it was just one of 48 bookstores on the now extinct Book Row - today it's the only one. It is a contender for the world's largest used bookstore title, and has an impressive collection of rare, overstock and out-of-print books.

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