The opposite of informed is not "uninformed", as in ignorant or uneducated; The opposite of informed is "misinformed", that is, either misguided or deceived. An uninformed person might acknowledge that he or she is uninformed, but a misinformed person actually believes that he or she is informed. Consequently, it is very difficult to talk to a misinformed person who thinks he or she already "knows".

These days, a person who "consumes" the "news" on the cable networks MSNBC, CNN or FOX is not informed nor uninformed - he or she is outright misinformed. The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times do not fare much better. Yellow journalism and fake news have always been around, but the level these "news outlets" have taken it to make George Orwell's "Ministry of Truth" look pale in comparison.

I had read somewhere that during the Cold War, a group of Soviet journalist were given a guided tour of U.S. news facilities. At the conclusion of their tour, when asked by their host what they thought about the U.S. press, one supposedly answered: "It's great, but we have only one advantage over you. Everyone in Soviet Union actually knows that our press is bullshit".

Seriously considering hermitry.
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