Although it's not set in stone, and it depends partly on who's doing the writing, supposedly America is getting more liberal. I'm not so sure, especially since "liberal" has become an obscure term.

Years ago during a conversation, a female friend of mine told me that her mom thought short men were evil. I didn't make much of it back then but as the years went by the "short men are..." topic became increasingly common in conversations. Heightism seems to be the hate-trend of today. Social Media has exploded every imaginable form of discrimination, age, sex, religion, income, race, disability, etc, but taking the time and effort to post articles like: "It's time we sent all short men to the gas chambers *" is a bit too much. There are hundreds of "articles" and web pages dedicated to trashing short men: Supposedly, short men are dumber, less secure, poorer, less likable, more violent, and have smaller penises...

I don't understand it. I don't understand how anyone is threatened by short men to the point of calling them evil. I also don't understand what is so threatening about the elderly - we all age. Although I disagree totally, someone might buy into the myth that Mexicans are taking our jobs, or the myth that all Muslims are violent cihadis, but stigmatizing the old or the short doesn't make any sense. If you don't find short men attractive then do not date them. Going out of your way to express your hatred towards a short person only because they are short - at best - is a sign of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

By some measures we may be "more liberal than ever" but we've become a narcissistic, infantile and despicable society.

* Although this particular article is satirical, the sentiment is real on Twitter and in conversations.
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