Stop Bitching & Start a Revolution.

Stop Bitching & Start a Revolution.

"Stop bitching and start a revolution". Actions speak louder than words. In fact, words are next to worthless if they are not followed through with actions.

That said, words that reflect the "truth" have a power of their own. Especially in an age where most of what we hear and see on television is falsehood. "Facts", when they are presented as part of a narrative with some other agenda, no longer represent "the truth". And that's what we're getting on mainstream media these days - a bunch of facts and half-facts presented in a false narrative. News is rarely reported as news, instead "expert opinion" has become the new standard of presenting the news. Needless to say, opinion of the news is not news.

Here in the United States, journalism has gone completely bonkers. They are lying about pretty much everything. Even the print press like The New York Times and The Washington Post are regularly making things up, skewing or omitting the most simple facts of a story. Examples are plenty. Normally, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" **, but in the case of "respectable news" you don't even have to venture far. Loaded terms and awkwardly concealed facts have replaced the impartial language and clarity that you would expect in a news story. The reader or the listener has a hard time distinguishing between the facts of the story and the opinion of the author. Statistical findings and quotes are often cited out of context and gross misrepresentations are not uncommon. Even the headlines resemble clickbait, having little to do with the fundamentals of the story. Bias by omission has become a matter-of-course.

You can't start a meaningful revolution based on falsehoods, therefore the prerequisite to any genuine revolution lies in discovering "the truth" - however uncomfortable the truth may be.
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