Donald Trump's "Sad!" tweets really got under everyone's skin. I totally agree, President Trump is deplorable, but I also have a problem with "liberals" exonerating President Obama.

The Internet is full of articles and tweets that claim something like: "President Obama held his office with dignity. No one can point to a single scandal during his 8 years in office". Well, it all depends on what is meant by "scandal" and "dignity". Yes, unlike President Bill Clinton, he did not get caught having sex with an intern in the Oval Office. On the other hand, he drove countries like Syria and Libya into total chaos forcing millions to flee their homes, assassinated a minor American citizen only because of who his father was, bailed out criminal banks while protecting their executives from prosecution and dropped thousands of bombs across the Middle East, "collaterally" causing the deaths of many thousands of innocent people, women and children... Can anyone really associate any of that with "dignity" or "lack of scandal". Sadly, not many were protesting when President Obama was doing his thing...
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