Le Coq

Le Coq

Hoca Nasreddin brings a prized rooster to his farm. In the first day, the horny rooster schtoops each and every one of his hens - twice. Hoca is impressed. Next day he notices that his turkeys and ducks are staying away from the rooster. On the third day, he catches the rooster trying a go at his cow. He tells the rooster: "What are you doing. You schtooped all the animals on my farm. If you keep it up, you're going to die of exhaustion". Next day, on his way home, Hoca notices the rooster lying dead on the side of pathway. He murmurs: "Didn't I tell you so!" The rooster slowly opens one of his eyelids and says: "Be quiet. Do you know how hard it's to seduce a vulture".
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