Keep Your Laws & Paws Off My Pussy

Keep Your Laws & Paws Off My Pussy

Labels for the most part are meaningless, yet I consider myself to be more or less ideologically close to radical feminism. Radical feminists call for the elimination of male supremacy in social, political and economical contexts; In patriarchal societies, there is an inevitable tendency to turn everything into a pissing contest where all reason is regularly suspended. And specifically, I have a problem with sexual objectification of women that is so prominent in American culture. Sadly, many women themselves succumb and play the part. And yes, a man can be a "radical feminist"...

President Trump's grab them by the pussy attitude is all too common among men, especially wanna be alpha males. Considering who Trump surrounded himself with, especially some in his cabinet, women are justified in having concerns about Trump's "you can do anything [to women]" demeanor being echoed in legislation he supports. Women are rightfully uneasy about the possible normalization and even legalization of their objectification.
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